5 ways to find a job in Sydney

Sydney, city listed as worlds expensive have lots of challenges as well as opportunities for newcomers. Life between challenges and possibilities is often called active, for this point of view Sydney for the active people who accepts challenges and explores possibilities. For international migrants and students Sydney is the land of opportunity where they meet their destiny of life.

Jobs in Sydney

Get a job in sydney

Sydney needs active people with willingness, eager to prove themselves on their own. Competition and density is high so one have to be very careful as well as smart to get engaged with job here. Getting a job is not simply easy task here; with determination, clear goal, organized resume and luck you will get job as you required.

Where is will there is way, here is some 5 ways to get job in Sydney (you can expand it, we welcome you to expand it to help others)

1. Sign up / alert

Hundreds or thousands job information or vacancy notice are posted in different job search sites for Sydney. There are couples of websites, apps and agents provide jobs match for you depending your experience, knowledge, skills and interests. Sign up with them and get alerts for matching job. They can arrange casual, part-time or full time job for you. Websites like Adzuna, indeed have alert facilities too. Registering with SEEK is also a good idea. Most of job match are free but some job agents may charge you 150 to 200 dollars for their matching (you have to pay after you get the job).

2. Improve Resume

‘First impression is the last impression and last impression is final’ in relation to job too, so you have to improve your first impression with employer. For that improve your resume. Resume is separate thing than other documents or applications so take time and idea to prepare it. A resume must reflect your knowledge, skill and experience; to give a professional touch consult with professionals. There must not single proof mistakes in your resume and unnecessary information regarding the job or roles you are applying.

3. Door to Door

For casual work and students it’s a method to get involved with desired job. Although this is the age of media and online listings but the age old method for job hunting works in Sydney for particular job areas like hospitality sector. Hit the door and meet the manager of restaurant, store and bar present yourself with smile and smart attire sure they will hire you. You can see lots of vacancy notes in CBD restaurants/bars.


4. Look Online

Searching on online is another way to find a job in Sydney. Dozens of free job listing websites regularly update new vacancy notice targeting people like you. Websites like Seek.com.au, indeed.com.au, mycareer.com.au are there for you to look up for new career option. If you are international student, working holiday visa holder, backpacker or looking for some cash on hand job gumtree.com.au suits you better.

5. Social Networking

Most job or career option comes through network or references so ask your friends, relatives or people from the same community if they know any job opportunity. Expanding social network or horizon in Sydney means improving chances of getting job. Most of organization or shops or restaurants or employer hire people (head) based on reference of local people (not always means Australian locals) who are working there (with potential employer). Personal relationships and references help you to get a job or built a network with employers or head hunters. So, if you are searching job in Sydney maintain good relations with relatives, friends and people from your country probably their help or reference works.

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