Best Points to Observe New Year Fireworks in Sydney

As the year draws close, many of you will grab a spectacular view of Sydney's New Year's Eve fireworks. As fireworks are a globally sought-after event, everyone wants to be in the right spot to see the spectacular view of New Year Fireworks in Sydney. If you want to know the best place to be when the clock strikes midnight on 31 December, this is the right post you are on. There is no alternate place than Sydney to welcome New Year, where the world-famous fireworks displays with dazzling spectacle. In this post, we've compiled a list of the most sought-after Sydney places offering the best New Year Fireworks view. 

Artist impression of New Year Fireworks in Sydney

1. Sydney Opera House

The iconic Sydney Opera House is a prime location to watch the fireworks. Nestled on the harbour's edge, it offers a unique perspective of the Sydney New Year fireworks framed against its stunning architectural backdrop. The view from here is nothing short of spectacular, making it a highly sought-after spot to see the Sydney Fireworks at the beginning of the brand-new year.

2. Circular Quay

Most believe that Circular Quay is at the heart of the New Year celebrations in Sydney. Circular Quay is one of the most bustling areas with restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy food and drinks while waiting for midnight fireworks. The area provides an electric atmosphere and a clear view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Australian iconic structures and happenings can seen during the New Year's Eve celebration.

3. Blues Point Reserve

If you want a panoramic view of Sydney Fireworks, Blues Point Reserve is for you. You can see an open view of Sydney Harbour from here. It's a tranquil spot, perfect for families and those seeking a quieter celebration. The fireworks are visible, and the reserve's open space offers ample room for everyone. 

4. Observatory Hill Park

Hill Park, situated in The Rocks, is another point to see Sydney New Year Fireworks. Its elevated location gives you an unobstructed view of the Sydney harbour bridge and the Sydney Opera House, allowing you to capture the brilliance of Sydney's New Year's fireworks.

5. Pirrama Park

If you are at Pyrmont, you do not need to move anywhere. Just wait for the midnight clock strike sitting at the Pirrama Park. The park offers a waterfront view of the fireworks. The park's wide and open spaces allow you to see the dazzling display without interruption. It's a family-friendly location with amenities to make your Sydney New Year Fireworks memorable.  

6. Royal Botanical Garden 

Sydney's Royal Botanical Garden is the most significant open space close to the Sydney Opera House. Thousands of people make this garden New Year Fireworks viewing point. But you will see Fireworks from only some corners of the park. You need to be at the garden's strategic position from where you can see Sydney Opera House against the backdrop of Sydney Harbour Bridge, so you can see dazzling fireworks happening.   

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Artistic impression of Sydney Opera House in NYE event

7. Bradfield Park

Bradfield Park in Milsons Point is another famous spot where you can see incredible views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The fireworks against this iconic structure create a breathtaking New Year's Eve celebration experience. Be sure to arrive early, as this spot gets crowded from early morning.

8. McKell Park

Located at Darling Point, McKell Park is less crowded than others. But this park has an open view of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. You can see the fireworks clearly from here. It's an option for a relaxed and peaceful New Year's celebration.

9. Hickson Road Reserve

Hickson Road Reserve offers a more intimate view of the Sydney fireworks. Located in The Rocks, it's a more petite but charming location, allowing you to experience the magical Sydney New Year Celebration fireworks closely. This place gets crowded since early morning, so you need to be here since morning to see the close-up view of the fireworks.

10. Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island has a different historical background and setting but offers a unique view of the Sydney Fireworks. With a historical ambience and a direct view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, this spot provides a distinct option to see New Year's Eve celebration in Sydney.

Artistic drawing of Sydney Opera House
11. Mary Booth Lookout Reserve

Mary Booth Lookout Reserve in Kirribilli offers a postcard view of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney's skyline. It's a delightful place to capture the magic of the fireworks. This place is for you if you are after such a place from where you can take outstanding pictures and videos. 

12. Duff Reserve

Duff Reserve in Woolwich would be another option for seeing a spectacular view of the annual happenings in Sydney. The reserve provides a peaceful setting to enjoy the fireworks, is not crowded, and offers clear views of the harbour.


Sydney's New Year's Eve fireworks are the world's best celebration, and choosing the right place could make all the difference in your New Year celebration. Whether you prefer the iconic Sydney Opera House, the lively Circular Quay, or one of the lesser-known gems, these spots offer excellent views of the fireworks, ensuring a memorable start to the New Year.  

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