Why is the location not the sole reason to live in Sydney?

Sydney is one of Australia's most-loved and famous cities. But as an immigrant or international student to Australia, one may have many questions like Why move to Sydney? Is it the ideal place to live? Well, yes, Sydney is the best place. Thriving arts, culture, and amazing nightlife make Sydney the most sought-after place in the world. Well, Sydney has more than 100 beaches and some incredible natural features, but this is the only reason you should consider when immigrating or studying in Sydney. 




Let’s look into some of the reasons why location is not the only reason to choose Sydney as your new home.

Sydney is the most sustainable city in Australia

Australia stands tall in terms of sustainability projects; likewise, its city, Sydney, takes sustainability seriously. As per the Knight Frank Asia-Pacific Sustainability Index in 2022, Sydney ranks #2 in the Asia-Pacific region and #1 in Australia for sustainability. As per Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index, 2022 Sydney ranks in 33rd position. In fact, as per sources, by 2035, it is set to achieve net zero emissions in the City of Sydney's local area. Also, Sydney is one of the first cities in the world and the first in Australia to join the Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS-Index). Furthermore, Sydney is a planned and managed city with numerous green spaces and green-rated commercial buildings.

Sydney’s greenery for relaxation

Sydney has beautiful natural patches of green grass. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Wendy’s Secret Garden, Chinese Garden of Friendship,  Hyde Park, and Centennial Parklands are perfect for refreshment and relaxation, picnics, walks and outdoor study sessions. If you want a dedicated short trip, then you can certainly visit beautiful national parks: the Blue Mountains, the Royal National Park, Wollemi National Park, Yengo National Park, or Nattai National Park in Sydney.

Royal Botanical Park Sydney


Sydney is a multicultural place

 Sydney is undoubtedly a cultural melting pot. You can enjoy various exciting cultural events, dance events, art exhibitions or fireworks displays, massive parades, etc. Vibrant festivals like Sydney Festival, Vivid Sydney Festival, Sydney WorldPride, the Royal Easter Show and Sculpture by the Sea can be the best festivals to enjoy. In Sydney, you can witness many multicultural eateries, typically Korean, Japanese, Indian, European, Middle Eastern, Malaysian, and more.

Sydney is a super-safe city

Looking for a better life in a foreign nation is undoubtedly everyone's wish, but the cost of living and safety in the city can be daunting factors. Well, the cost of living in Sydney is high, and so is its safety status. 

As per Numbeo, the Crime Index and Safety Index of Australia are 34.02 and 65.98. According to the SCI, with 87.9 score, Sydney has become the 5th safest city in the world. Although the city is multicultural, cultural acceptance and tolerance is solid and hence making the city a safe to live in. So, if safety is your concern, then don't worry at all, Sydney is best in terms of safety.

Sydney has some of the best leading education providers

Many international students wish to study in Australia because of its excellent reputation in global education. Sydney is, in fact, home to some of the best educational institutions in the world. Also, Sydney is home to six Australian universities, namely: Australian Catholic University,  Western Sydney University, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, the University of Technology Sydney, and Macquarie University and numerous campuses. Many of these universities have ranked high in QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education World Rankings. Also, Sydney is also home to several VET training providers who offer courses to be a professional in a particular sector.
Sydney Trains


Sydney is a thriving transport hub

 Sydney is a major city in Australia that is well-connected. People can use various modes of transportation to travel around the city or enjoy mountain getaways and the countryside. The most important ones are cabs, buses, trains and ferries. People also opt for trains from Sydney Airport to Sydney’s Central Station. Ferry services(a boat or ship for passengers across an area of water) also operate regularly. For daily, weekly and weekend travel, people use the Opal card (smartcard ticketing system for payment on travel on Sydney public transport). 

Plenty of employment opportunities

The vibrant city of Sydney is the corporate headquarters of many Australian organisations, has a competitive job market and offers numerous employment opportunities. As a student, you will have plenty of networking and industry placement opportunities, eventually aiding in building a successful career! You can get better jobs in Sydney, but for that, you must focus on your goals, use a variety of resources to add to your skill, form a good professional network, compromise a little, and stay persistent with your current job until you find a better one.

Final Word

The bottom line is that, besides being a naturally gifted place, Sydney excels in every aspect needed to become an ideal city. Sydney is the perfect place to be as it has amazingly beautiful beaches, the best facilities, fantastic nightlife, and countless fun activities.

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