Top 8 Places for Brunch in Bondi

Sydney’s most-loved suburb, Bondi, has iconic beaches and cafes. These cafes and restaurants serve amazing brunch recipes. Whether you are a local person or tourist or big-time foodie, or health enthusiast, your cravings and dietary needs can be met at the brunches in Bondi. These cafes offering brunch in Bondi can fuel you up before or after the coastal walk, yoga nourishment, or any fun activity. These brunch recipes will feed not only your body but also your Instagram stories. 


  • Shuk -2 Mitchell Street, North Bondi

If you want lovely Israeli-Mediterranean dishes and fresh bread for Australian brunch, then Shuk is your place. It is famous for shakshuka and hummus and the weekend brunch lines. Most customers at Shuk love beef kofta and grilled chicken shawarma skewers for brunch, while people also prefer salads and other options for brunch.

  • Speedo's Cafe – 126 Ramsgate Avenue

Speedo's Cafe is a beautiful spot in Bondi for refreshing drinks or lazy weekend brunch. This North Bondi café is all about clean eating and gluten-free while also with classic recipes on the menu. You can find green goodness bowls, eggs and bacon on toasted brioche. Pink Pitaya Bowl with veganola and cocowhip, cronuts, and pancakes with amazing toppings are indulgent brunches. You can try something simpler like the poached eggs on toast with avocado for a lighter option.

  • Lox Stock & Barrel- 140 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi Beach 

When you take a long flight, it is obvious to get jet lag. Besides good sleep, the best cure for that lag is a good breakfast or brunch. Lox Stock& Barrel is the best place for your brunch hunt in Bondi. For a heavier brekkie, try their bircher loaded with superfoods and fruits. You can try their classic bread or bagel filled with yummy stuffing, or healthy refreshing salads or even soups for your bunch. Also, you can enjoy healthy seasonal plates and creative cocktails.

  • Sugarcane Restaurant

If your tastebuds demand cuisines from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and other South East Asian countries for brunch, then don't go elsewhere than Sugarcane Restaurant. This is a perfect place for brunch with a great menu, including Vegan and Take away. At Sugarcane, it is just great food, a great vibe, and great service.

  • The Nine- 163 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi Beach

Nine is a Mediterranean-style café that serves wholesome brunch. People love their generous food portions for Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch, along with organic and biodynamic wines and cocktails. You can choose from all-day brekkie, signature dishes, bagel me over, and nine-style platter. However, they adjust the menu to suit most dietary requirements. You can sit outside the cafe, enjoy the outdoors, and watch the world go by. 

  • The Well- 78 Campbell Parade, Bondi

The word "Well" in The Well restaurant stands for the wellness destination. The WEll functions with the motto of "EAT WELL, MOVE WELL, FEEL WELL, AND BE WELL." This place has a high-tech gym, yoga and pilates studios, and a café with healthy and delicious food. The cafe offers nice healthy and allergy-friendly food, that too in large portions. So, if you are into healthy eating in Bondi, then the Well is there for you.

  • Cafe Brazil- 195 Bondi Road, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Cafe Brazil offers authentic and delicious Brazilian food. For breakfast, they have Big Breakfast, Vegetarian Breakfast, Smashed Avocado, Omelette, Special Breakfast, Hash Brown, Açai Bowl, and many more. Meals, salads, burger and sandwiches of this place is just soul pleasing. You can just make a choice between the breakfast menu and the meals menu for a good brunch. Don't forget to try their drinks too.

  • Bills- 79 Hall Street, Bondi Beach

When you want a casual, relaxed place near Bondi Beach. to meet with friends, then Bills is your place.   The Nine is another restaurant for Mediterranean cuisine. The brunch option in Nine includes apéritif fruits, grains, cereals toasts, spreads, classics, salads, bowls, and burgers. Bills still rule people's hearts with its ricotta hotcakes, pancakes, fluffy cakes with scrumptious topping, white peach bellini with prosecco, and signature Bills spiced bloody mary. 

Wrapping Up

Cafés and restaurants in Bondi offer you the best brunch. The brunch menus in most of the places in Bondi are clean, hygienic and yummy. Take your pick from these amazing places and make your brunch time with yourself or your special one or your friends or close family delicious and special.

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